Anh Tri Tue Company specializes in manufacturing FKM (“Viton”) rubber products for a variety of industries.

Are you looking for products made of FKM rubber, also called Viton rubber? At Anh Tri Tue, you will find high-quality FKM rubber products in diverse sizes. FKM rubber is also known as fluorine or Viton rubber. Viton is a famous trade name of FKM rubber registered by DuPont. FKM or Viton has several superior properties compared to other types of rubber. The mechanical properties remain the same at temperatures from -20 to +250oC. That is why this material is extremely suitable for industrial applications. FKM rubber is a precious quality rubber due to the uniqueness of its raw materials and its characteristics. 

We can provide you with customized FKM rubber products according to actual requirements. Let us know about your requirements and we will be happy to be your supplier.

What is FKM rubber?

FKM rubber (“Viton”) is one of the fluorocarbon-based fluoroelastomer materials and is specified according to ASTM D1418. And also called FPM according to ISO 1629. Important advantages of FKM rubber include:

  • Very good resistance to chemicals (acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, etc.), better than Nitrile, EPDM, etc.
  • Stable with mineral oil, diesel, ethanol...;
  • Very good high-temperature resistance, temperature range from -20 °C to 250 °C;
  • Good elasticity;
  • Low probability of catching fire;
  • Low decomposition;
  • Able to resist outdoor weather and aging;
  • It is a type of rubber that is waterproof (hydrophobicity);
  • Usually brown, green, or black;

Applications of FKM rubber?

FKM rubber is widely used in:

The oil, aviation, space, chemical, and automobile industries: are mainly for sealing, and heat resistance, and are suitable for both static and dynamic operating environments.

Hydraulic and lubrication systems.

The production of semiconductors.

Sealing in mechanical seals, pumps, reactors, mixers, compressor housings, valves, other measuring equipment…

Besides, Viton is also a material used for making parts in environments in contact with food and pharmaceuticals.

Why choose Anh Tri Tue Company as your partner in manufacturing FKM rubber products?

Customized molded FKM rubber products can be ordered upon request. We continuously test the material and product properties of each rubber product. This is how we ensure the good quality of every FKM rubber product.

More than 30 years of experience in rubber solutions (customized according to product working requirements)

High-quality products;

Unique solution for all rubber issues you are concerned about;

Free and quick quote for the FKM rubber products you need;




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