Warranty & refund policy


In order to ensure the interests of consumers, improve the quality of after-sales service, Anh Tri Tue Production and Trading Co., Ltd. will assist you to change new products of the same type if the product has problems that cannot be overcome. (due to technical error of manufacturer). Products can only be redeemed if all of the following conditions are met.


Time to return: 15 days and meet the following conditions:

The product is determined to have a technical fault by the technicians of Anh Tri Tue Production and Trading Company Limited.
Products received back must be intact crates, foam.
The received product is not defective outside (scratches, breaks, distortion, ...)
Received products must have all accompanying documents such as (proof of purchase, VAT invoice if any).


You want to change the type and size but without notice.
You do not operate correctly, causing damage to the product.
You do yourself affecting the outside of the product such as scratches, scratches, breaks, ...
The product has been checked and signed by the customer to confirm the status, but then you requested to return the goods due to defects in appearance (scratches, distortions, yellowing, breakage ...).


You directly contact Anh Tri Tue Production and Trading Co., Ltd and confirm the status with the content of the goods.
Damages caused by technical errors can not be repaired immediately, the exchange of goods will be done in accordance with regulations of Anh Tri Tue Production and Trading Co., Ltd.
The process of exchanging or returning goods is done within 3 days from the date of receiving enough information and documents as prescribed from the customer.
Contact for return and exchange procedures:
Phone: 0907 303 011

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